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iT Centre Ltd is one of the largest group of companies dealing information and communications technology in Malawi with an unsurpassed track record of supply in the sector of more than 20 years. The company has a very wide portfolio of business on corporate and retail level focusing on electronics, home appliances, hardware, software, solutions, and other various products through different subsidiary companies.

iT Centre has a clientele that includes the B2B, B2G and NGO’s whom it services via its corporate arm, while also servicing the B2C segment through retail stores trading under iT Centre and SmartZone with four major stores available in the 3 major cities of Malawi.

iT Centre is the official and authorized distributor of Hisense, Samsung, Apple, HP, Dell, Lexmark, Tecno, iTel, Sinotec, Phillips, Astrum and many other consumer electronic home and office products, making it the largest official distributor of authentic and authorized products.


What is Smart Finance?

  • Smart Finance is a scheme put in place by iT Centre in partnership with our financing Partner that allows customers to be able to enjoy and access various electronic products ranging from TVs, Fridges, Mobile Phones, Air-cons, Washing Machines and other products offered by iT Centre while allowing the customer to be paying monthly installments for up to 24 months.
  1. Customer visits iT Centre / Smart Zone and choose the product they are interested in and are there after given a quotation of the value of the product they are interested in.
    2. Customer takes the quotation to NBS Branch to get the quotation approved.
    3. The Bank is responsible for vetting and approving Customer’s application.
    4. Once The Bank approves the loan, they inform iT Centre that full payment has been made.
    5. iT Centre then releases the product to customer after confirmation of receipt of funds.
    6. The Bank deducts monthly from customer’s bank account for the agreed period.

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